BBB Business Tip: Red Flags for Online Retail Scams

With the holiday season approaching, Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns online shoppers searching for gifts and other merchandise to arm themselves with research and use credit cards to dodge scammers. Online shopping scam reports to BBB Scam Tracker remain just under all-time highs reached in 2021 when BBB issued an in-depth study, Theft on a Massive Scale: Online Shopping Fraud and the Role of Social Media, last December.  

Since the pandemic, shoppers remain susceptible to online retail fraud that entices shoppers with hard-to-find items, promises of low prices and easy delivery, according to reports by consumers to BBB. Emotional purchases, like wedding dresses or pets, can cause consumers to ignore red flags.

So, what red flags should you be looking for? The BBB outlines warning signs that may indicate you’re falling for an online retail scam in a new study update here.

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