Rapha’s New Vision for Prevention

At Rapha International, we’ve learned that children are safest when they live in stable families and well-resourced communities. Our Kids Club programs serve in vulnerable communities to promote stability and access to resources, in order to prevent abuse, exploitation, human trafficking, and family separation. Rapha’s Kids Club has served thousands of children since 2009. The child sponsorship program has changed lives, and we are deeply grateful to every child sponsor.

There is an oft-repeated phrase at Rapha, which is credited to Maya Angelou: “We do the best we can until we know better. Then, when we know better, we do better.” As we continually identify opportunities to do better, we have also examined the model of individual child sponsorship. Because of those reflections, exciting change is coming!

Rapha’s approach to prevention in vulnerable communities is expanding. Our vision is growing to include programs that impact children and families throughout neighborhoods and communities. The shift will support important community level work that brings sustainable change and lasting safety.

When one child is sponsored, that individual child is provided with resources and a place to learn and grow. However, every sponsored child has neighbors, friends, and classmates who are without a sponsor. When communities lack resources and experience systemic challenges, even sponsored children suffer. Those issues are most effectively addressed through support and partnership that involves the entire community.

When communities come together to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, real change — sustainable change — takes place. Children get to live their lives alongside siblings, cousins, and friends in the God-given model of family and community. Become a Prevention Partner to join us in creating sustainable change and freedom for children.

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