Rapha Announces Launch of the Haiti Family Care Network

(Joplin, MO)Rapha International is excited to announce the launch of the Haiti Family Care Network!

At Rapha we understand that long-term institutional care is detrimental to a child’s social and emotional development, and can put children at great risk for abuse, exploitation, and neglect. In Haiti (as well as globally), the majority of children living in orphanages are not actually orphans but have been placed there by their families in order to have their basic needs met. We believe that every effort should be made to strengthen and support families so that children are not unnecessarily separated from them. The trafficking of children in countries like Haiti usually begins with a child’s separation from their family, so working to keep kids with their families is the heart of trafficking prevention. 

This new Network is a collaborative effort to support the shift towards family based care in Haiti. Rapha and the Haiti Family Care network share the same vision for all Haitian children and youth: to be given the opportunity to thrive in families.

Learn more about Haiti Family Care Network by visiting their website and reading the blog on Rapha’s website.


Rapha International

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