Students in Crowder’s Technical Education Center Travel to Jefferson City for Exams

(Jefferson City, MO) – Students in Crowder College’s Technical Education Center’s High School Criminal Justice program recently travelled to Jefferson City to complete their industry-recognized credential through the Missouri Peace Officers Association.

Crowder College students had a 100% pass rate on the test. There were six career centers across the state who sent an additional 24 students with nine of those passing.

“I am proud of our students and their accomplishments in passing the exam. It is difficult and stressful for the students, but overall it was a great experience for them,” stated Oren Barnes, Criminal Justice Instructor.

Students participating in the trip included:

  • Piper Petronis, Seneca High School
  • Hailey Cooper, Neosho High School
  • Dannie Jessie McCormick, McDonald County High School
  • Chloe Gompf, Neosho High School
  • Terrin McLevine, Neosho High School
  • Brian Recinos, Neosho High School
  • Oscar Granados, Neosho High School
  • Elijah Mojica, East Newton High School
  • Yulisa Maldonado, Neosho High School
  • Juliet Santier, Neosho High School


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Crowder College

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