64 Joplin Educators Nominated for 37th Annual Golden Apple Awards

(Joplin, MO) – The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that nominations were received for 64 Joplin educators for the 2022 Golden Apple Awards. For 37 years, the Golden Apple Awards have recognized excellence in the teaching profession and informed the public of the exceptional quality of instruction in the Joplin community!  

 The individuals listed below were nominated by students, parents, and peers in Joplin’s public and private schools. All nominees and the individuals who nominated them were recognized at an assembly on March 3 at East Middle School. 

 Judging will take place over the next month and the awardees in each of the four categories will be announced at the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet on Thursday, April 28 at 5:30 pm.  

 The nominees are:  

 Kindergarten to Second Grade 

Judy Bashor  St. Mary’s Elementary School 
Kristen Brasch  Stapleton Elementary School 
Chelsey Cross  Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School  
Erica Doennig  Irving Elementary School 
Bailey Gardner  Royal Heights Elementary School 
Teresa Lamberson  Eastmorland Elementary School 
Miranda Mason  Irving Elementary School 
Sara Meyer  Irving Elementary School 
Shantel Mikowlski  Irving Elementary School 
Shawna Sampson  Irving Elementary School 
Kelly Samuel  Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
Stacey Thomas  College Heights Christian School 
Jessica Tupper  Stapleton Elementary School 
Bailey Wallace  Soaring Heights Elementary School 
Jennifer Wardlow  Royal Heights Elementary School 
Kayleigh Woodruff  Eastmorland Elementary School 

 Third to Fifth Grade 

Amanda Almich  Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
Mary Arnold  Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
Rebecca Askew  College Heights Christian School 
Eric Beezley  Irving Elementary School 
Margie Black  St. Mary’s Elementary School 
Deborah Brill  McKinley Elementary School 
David DeWelt  Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
Aaron Dogotch  College Heights Christian School 
Kyle Graves  Eastmorland Elementary School  
Tracy Horton  Soaring Heights Elementary School 
Lindsey Koucky  Eastmorland Elementary School 
Jinnifer Loum  Cecil Floyd Elementary School 
Roxcee McCully  Soaring Heights Elementary School 
Savannah Parker  Irving Elementary School 

 Sixth to Eighth Grade  

Kimberly Alford  North Middle School 
Leanne Burrus  East Middle School 
Whitney Cummings  North Middle School 
Shelby Everitt   East Middle School 
Jessica Fletcher-Fierro  North Middle School 
Michelle Friskey  North Middle School 
Katie Juergens   North Middle School 
Darren Morgan   South Middle School 
Natalie Prodan   North Middle School 
Crystal Stokes  North Middle School 
Daniel Tharp  Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
Kathy Webb  East Middle School 
Samantha Widmar  South Middle School 

 Ninth to Twelfth Grade 

Caiton Bandy Joplin High School
Shannon Bickford Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Ryan Burnside Joplin High School
Joshua Carter Joplin High School
Angela Delph Joplin High School
Brad Douglas Joplin High School
Erin Fledderman Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Shelly Greninger Joplin High School
David Harris Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Parker Howard Joplin High School
Jennifer Journeycake Joplin High School
Julie McCain Joplin High School
Shamera Moss Joplin High School
Robert Parsons Joplin High School
Jay Reed Joplin High School
Nick Reid Joplin High School
LTC Joshua Reitz Joplin High School
Brenden Schneider Joplin High School
David Smith Joplin High School
Whitney Stahl Joplin High School
Ashley Trotnic Joplin High School

Thank you to all the students and parents who took the time to nominate these teachers. And a special thank you to the title sponsor of this year’s program, Liberty Utilities 


Erin Slifka, Marketing & Public Information Manager
Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce

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