Crowder College Invites You to Start Off 2022 by Solving Your Hiring Problems

Finding training and talent is tough, but a new year means new opportunities for your business! By attending the Crowder College Apprenticeship Summit on January 18, you can find out how to solve your training and hiring woes. Let Crowder College help you prevent the pains of recruiting and training staff.

Hear from current partners and experts on the benefits of developing successful apprenticeship programs. Finding a person to fill a position is tough. Training a person who has little or no previous training for the job is costly and time-consuming. Retaining talent, so you don’t have to find and train another person, can be challenging. Apprenticeship programs are designed to give you:

  • More success in filling new positions
  • Higher employee retention
  • Improved employee satisfaction

Crowder has the ingredients you need to establish a pipeline of motivated employee prospects. This event is free and open to any interested business. Save your spot today! Register here.

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