Joplin Celebration Commission Seeking Joplin Milestones

The Joplin Celebration Commission is working on developing the programming to mark Joplin’s Sesquicentennial in 2023. One of the projects is a record of little-known tidbits and milestones about the businesses and people who make Joplin, and the region, our unique corner of the world.

Facts such as:

  • This is an example organization fact; Battery XYZ was invented in Joplin by Bird-Catcher in November 1964.
  • This is an example organization fact; KOMTA Roofing has been the world’s leader in “ABC” since 1984.
  • Grand Falls is Missouri’s highest continuous flowing waterfall.
  • Joplin citizen Bob Rider holds the Salt Flats record for a 200cc unicycle at 218 mph.

Please send your corporate or individual tidbits and milestones to Patrick Tuttle,, along with your contact information.

Joplin 150th celebration will begin September 2022 through August 2023.

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