Joplin Area Ranks Among Best Places to Work in Manufacturing

Out of 378 metro areas, Joplin ranks eighth

Image Credit: SmartAssist

Despite losing roughly 7.5 million jobs nationwide since its peak in 1969, the manufacturing industry is still flourishing in some parts of the country, including Joplin.

In its sixth annual study, SmartAsset analyzed data for 378 metro areas to find the best places to work in manufacturing. They analyzed data on manufacturing jobs as a percent of the total workforce, employment growth, income growth, and home affordability.

Out of all 378 metro areas, the Joplin metro area ranks in eighth place.

Manufacturing jobs in Joplin make up 18.24% of the workforce, the 57th-highest in this study. Income growth for manufacturing jobs between 2016 and 2019 was 16.05% (30th in this study). Additionally, growth between 2018 and 2019 was 6.52% (ranking 45th).

To read more about the full study, its methodology, and findings, click here.

The content for this article, including the infographic above, was produced by SmartAsset.

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