Rapha International: Grandpa Can Plank!

Many of Rapha International’s partners find unique ways to use their passions and talents to advocate for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Dee and Sal Perconti and Richard Aal are great examples of this type of engagement and commitment to helping survivors at Rapha find freedom, hope, and healing.

The Percontis hold an online auction in conjunction with the US Open Racquetball Championship every year. The proceeds from this auction are split between Rapha International and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The auction is live now, with over ninety fantastic items! Click here to bid on items and come alongside the Percontis to support vulnerable children.

Richard Aal has also partnered with Rapha International with a unique fundraiser at the US Open Racquetball Championship. Richard raises sponsorships for planking and general donations for Rapha during the event at the tournament. Last year, he planked for seventeen minutes! You can donate to support Richard’s fundraiser by clicking here.

All of the money raised will go directly to Rapha’s professional aftercare services for children who have experienced human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Cambodia, Thailand, and Haiti.

Read more about these unique ways of helping Rapha International in a new blog post here.

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