Rapha International: It’s National Make-a-Will Month!

If we’ve learned anything in the past year and a half, it’s that life can change quickly. At Rapha International, many things have changed but more important things have stayed the same: our staff is still working hard to protect and support girls through difficult circumstances and our partners are still joining us in the fight against human trafficking. We have developed new strategies, adapted with new technologies, and forged new relationships.

How has your life changed?

Did you move to a new town or city? Are you a new parent or grandparent? Are you more grateful for the people around you? As you take stock of everything in your life, we want to share that August is National Make-a-Will Month! You’ve been there for Rapha International’s future, so we want to help you secure the future for the people you love the most. Whether you’ve never made a will at all or need to update yours, why not start now?

To help you get started, we want to remind you of FreeWill a free, online resource that guides you through the process of creating a legally valid will in 20 minutes or less. This August, take care of all the changes in your life and write or update your will today.

P.S. Do you have appreciated assets? Rapha can now accept gifts of stock to allow for tax-wise donations.


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