MDC Provides TRIM Grant for City of Joplin to Complete Tree Trimming of Urban Forest

(Joplin, MO)Joplin Parks and Recreation is pleased to announce its continued partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and their Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant program.

This year, the TRIM grant has added $10,000 to the City’s efforts of tree trimming on 509 trees in Cunningham and Mercy Parks. Pruning young trees sets the structure of the tree for the future and reduces the chance of structural problems that may lead to early tree failure, potential safety issues, and removal earlier in the tree’s life than necessary.

“The assistance from the Missouri Department of Conservation is valuable to ensuring the health of our urban forest,” said Jake Cowen, Maintenance Supervisor with Joplin Parks and Recreation. “The TRIM grant program has helped us inventory the trees in our public areas, educate our staff about current forestry practices, and prune thousands of trees planted on our property since the 2011 tornado. Trimming is an important and necessary step in order to provide a stronger tree canopy in our parks for our community. This type of support is beneficial to the City in maintaining its Tree City USA status.”

TRIM is a competitive, cost-share tree care program administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation in cooperation with the Missouri Community Forest Council. The program assists government agencies, public schools, and nonprofit groups with the management, improvement, or conservation of trees on public lands. Projects eligible for TRIM funding include tree inventory, removal or pruning of hazardous trees, tree planting, and training of volunteers and city/county employees to best care for our community forests.

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