Mercy Update – April 2021

This month’s update from Mercy Hospital Joplin includes:

  • Safe Preventative Care at Mercy
  • Mercy Free Weight Loss Seminar
  • Mercy “Featured Providers” with Mercy Kids Pediatricians Dr. Joseph Mayo, MD, PhD and Dr. Krishna Kosuru, MD.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Mercy is Ready for You to Come Back for Your Routine Care

Delaying or postponing your routine care could have serious consequences for your health.

Preventative care is an important part of your overall health. Checkups, test, and exams let your care team monitor your health and catch potential problems in their early stages.

With enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols in place at all Mercy locations, there’s no need to cancel or delay the care that keeps you feeling and living your best.

Come back to Mercy for any appointments or exams you may have delayed, including:

  • Annual checkups and wellness visits
  • Physicals
  • Bone density tests
  • Colonoscopies
  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Sleep study tests
  • Well Woman exams
  • Prostate exams
  • Mammograms.

Having a primary care provider is the best way to manage your health. Find yours at

Ready to Find a Lasting Solution to Your Struggles with Weight?

Attend our free seminar to hear about weight loss surgery options, and learn if one may e right for you. Danny Liu, MD will be speaking and is a fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon at Mercy Hospital Joplin.

Life is better healthy. Take the first steps by downloading a free guide to bariatric surgery. Along with the guide, we’ll send you information on free seminars near you. Visit, or call 417.781.4404.

Mercy Featured Providers

This month’s featured providers from Mercy are Dr. Joseph Mayo, MD, PhD and Dr. Krishna Kosuru, MD.

Dr. Mayo and Dr. Kosuru are part of an entire Mercy care team providing convenient, personalized care to help you live your best life. Find out more about Mercy Kids Joplin, click here.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Mercy continues to work with state leadership and other health systems to vaccinate all those who are eligible under state guidelines. All Missouri residents age 16 years and older can no receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

We encourage you to schedule your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by visiting

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