DIY Home Makeover Tips – A Spin on Spending

It’s the cozy season, which means we’re all spending more time at home. So, why not take this time to make some inexpensive changes to your space?

Adding trim to any room makes it look more polished, and depending on the room size, it can cost under $150. If you want to refresh your bathroom, try re-caulking your tub and tiles! Caulk is cheap, applying it is easy, and it can brighten up an old bathroom. You could also update the hardware around your home, like drawer pulls and doorknobs. You can find inexpensive options online and all you need to install them is a screwdriver! For added curb appeal, why not give your front door a facelift? A coat of paint, new doorknob, and a DIY wreath can go a long way.

If the smaller projects just aren’t enough, and you want upgrade to a new home, be sure to download Arvest’s Home4Me app. Using this app, you can request pre-qualification for a home loan from your smartphone, wherever you are! You can also find the right loan for you using the loan selector tool and connect with a home loan specialist immediately.


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