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Big things are happening in downtown Joplin! Read on for an update on the Downtown Joplin Alliance’s (DJA) upcoming events and activities, an update on The Olivia, and much more.

Upcoming Events and Activities

Keep an eye out for these and other activities!

  • Paris Week at Empire Market is April 10! Don your beret and come at 10:00 am to get croissants, macarons, and enjoy some springtime in Paris!
  • We’ve had some great turnouts for our Clean Team events! Looking to find a quick and easy way to volunteer? Join our Clean Team for an hour downtown to continue maintaining the appearance of downtown Joplin. The next dates are April 16 and May 4. Find more information and sign up here.
  • Third Thursday is back April 15! We can’t wait to see everyone on Main Street again. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

The Olivia Update

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Olivia, you’ve seen fencing go up and the ivy come off the side. The new owners are finalizing plans for the new roof and renovation. Check out this video they recently produced!

If you would like more information or would like to donate to our Endangered Properties Program, please email lori@downtownjoplin.com.

Ramp Closure

Due to its current structural conditions, the 6th Street concrete ramp will be closed until further notice. The ramp leads from 6th and Main Street to the parking deck located at 6th Street and Virginia Avenue. Barricades and signs have been placed to close the ramp to traffic. The parking area can still be accessed from the entrance along Virginia Avenue.

The City of Joplin recently advertised a request for qualifications to select a consultant for the rehabilitation of the parking garage. City staff plan to have a consultant selected and under contract in the near future for the structural analysis and design of the rehabilitation. The selected consultant will also look at the ramp as part of their contract.

Drivers are reminded to use caution while traveling near this area and to yield to barricades that mark the closure. The City appreciates your patience and cooperation.

New Downtown Joplin Mugs

We’d like to take a moment and give a shoutout to Daria with the Market Artisans and Daria Claiborne Pottery. Daria has crafted stunning Downtown Joplin mugs with our new branding on them! They can be found weekly at the Empire Market and purchased at the Market Artisans booth.

Empire Market Happenings

We’re excited to see continued momentum at the Empire Market; Paris Week is coming up on April 10!

We’re also excited to welcome Sweet Springs Garden to the Market. For the next few weeks, they’ll have products such as organic cotton candy, organic popcorn, homemade pretzels, smoothies, frappes, and more. Soon they will also have a plethora of produce and be one of our staple farmers.

Speaking of farms, our farmers are reporting new growth every week and early spring crops are swiftly on their way!

Just a reminder that we still offer online ordering and drive-through curbside pickup for many items, including products that you can’t find inside the Market halls like dairy, barbecue, beef, savory sauces, and more. Ordering for Saturday pickup runs each week from 8:00 pm on Tuesday to 8:00 pm on Thursday. Start your online order here.

Arts Fest 2021 Applications

DJA has taken on the operation of the Joplin Arts Fest this year and we are excited to announce that applications for artists are now live! Click here to apply now.

Joplin Arts Fest will be held at the Empire Market on September 17 and 18, 2021.

Going Truly Local

Elon Musk recently said, “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”

This rings true in so many things we do in life, transforming a community certainly among them. This column will continue to stress the need for your community to rapidly create a true local mentality. It is critical for the survival of your community.

Read the rest of this article here.

Will You Be a Friend?

As downtown grows and DJA takes on more initiatives and responsibilities, we continue to ask for the community’s investment in downtown. Your donation to our Friends of Downtown Campaign helps build a more vibrant, cleaner, safer, and more engaging heart of Joplin.

As a non-profit, the contributions of donors, business partners, and community members who believe in the vitality of downtown are so important to our ongoing success!

Give a monthly gift here, or give a one-time gift to help DJA and our mission to revitalize downtown Joplin.

Thank You to Our Friends and Supporters

Our work continues and we look forward to welcoming back Third Thursday and other events! We’d like to take a moment to say a special thank you to those sponsors who continue to support the work we do with small businesses, entrepreneurship, and historic buildings to make our downtown a thriving destination!

What we do is more important than ever. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email lori@downtownjoplin.com.

Volunteer Opportunities and Sponsorships Available!

Show the community that your business is investing locally! Downtown is the heart of our community and by supporting DJA, you are supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship, along with preservation of our historic assets and vitality in our downtown. Custom sponsorship packages are available to showcase your business at the Empire Market, on our website and social media pages, for upcoming events and non-events, and many other platforms!

For more information on becoming a sponsor, check out the basics on our website or contact Lori by phone at 417.529.3888 or by email at lori@downtownjoplin.com.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, we can help! Clean Team meets twice a month to clean up downtown, Empire Market needs volunteers each week, and there are opportunities to help update building and business inventories. Oh, and don’t forget about the community gardens! Don’t forget that volunteers get a 20% discount on merchandise!

For more information on these and other volunteer opportunities or to sign up, visit our website or fill out this form.

About Downtown Joplin Alliance: 

The Downtown Joplin Alliance is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the downtown community as a thriving, safe and attractive center of art, history, enterprise, commerce, culture, residence, and entertainment. For more information, email info@downtownjoplin.com. Learn more about the Downtown Joplin Alliance at downtownjoplin.com.


Lori Haun, Executive Director
Downtown Joplin Alliance

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