Eighty Joplin Educators Nominated for the 36th Annual Golden Apple Awards

The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that 105 nominations were received for 80 Joplin educators for the 2021 Golden Apple Awards. For 36 years, the Golden Apple Awards have recognized excellence in the teaching profession and informed the public of the exceptional quality of instruction in the Joplin community! These individuals were nominated by students, parents, and peers in Joplin’s public and private schools. All nominees and the individuals who nominated them will be recognized at an assembly on April 6 at East Middle School Auditorium.

Judging will take place over the next month and the awardees in each of the four categories will be announced at a special press conference located at the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce on May 10, 2021 at 4:00 PM. Thank you to the Title Sponsor, Liberty, and the Presenting Sponsor, Missouri Southern State University. The nominees are:

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Amanda Almich Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Victoria Baker Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Judy Bashor St. Mary’s Elementary School
Leah Blankenship College Heights Christian School
Laura Campbell Eastmorland Elementary School
Alison Clyburn Soaring Heights Elementary School
Erica Doennig Irving Elementary School
Lorrie Estrada St. Mary’s Elementary School
KyLeigh Garrett Eastmorland Elementary School
Catherine Garrison College Heights Christian School
Stacie Hayes Eastmorland Elementary School
Marina Hicks Cecil Floyd Elementary School
Jessica Hilton Soaring Heights Elementary School
Sara Meyer Irving Elementary School
Amy Phillips College Heights Christian School
Stephanie Reither Cecil Floyd Elementary School
Stacey Thomas College Heights Christian School
Joy Waghorn Irving Elementary School
Elaina Watkins Stapleton Elementary School
Bethany White Soaring Heights Elementary School
Susan Flowers Irving Elementary School

3rd-5th Grade

Jan Bradshaw Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Deborah Brill McKinley Elementary School
Ariel Carnes Eastmorland Elementary School
Chelsey Cross Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Erica DuRossette Royal Heights Elementary School
Lauren Frieden Stapleton Elementary School
Jordan Gossard Royal Heights Elementary School
Kyle Graves Eastmorland Elementary School
Tylan Harris Jefferson Elementary School
Miranda Hembree West Central Elementary School
Jennifer Hill Stapleton Elementary School
Dale Hoggatt Cecil Floyd Elementary School
Lisa Jolley Soaring Heights Elementary School
Amber Jones College Heights Christian School
Shelby Koeshall Soaring Heights Elementary School
Roxcee McCully Soaring Heights Elementary School
Chelsea Meyer Royal Heights Elementary School
Jessica Miller Cecil Floyd Elementary School
Rebecca Morin Kelsey Norman Elementary School
Kathy Nicodemus Irving Elementary School
Mikka Osbourn Cecil Floyd Elementary School
Savannah Parker Irving Elementary School
Margot Patterson Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Katie Rattles Soaring Heights Elementary School
Diane Schiermeyer College Heights Christian School
Alex Smith Royal Heights Elementary School
Debi Staton St. Mary’s Elementary School
Dana Stokesbary Kelsey Norman Elementary School
Mary Ann Turk St. Mary’s Elementary School
Erica White Irving Elementary School

6th-8th Grade

Kathy Baker South Middle School
Paula Bohm Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Casey Funk East Middle School
Alexia Gardon North Middle School
Susan Goodman St. Peter’s Middle School
Eric Lang College Heights Christian School
Alexis Leonhart South Middle School
Darren Morgan South Middle School
Shannon Neill East Middle School
Brooke Nicoletti East Middle School
Amanda Powell East Middle School
Dianne Schramm South Middle School
Cheryl Sieber North Middle School
Deanna Valenti East Middle School

9th-12th Grade

David Armstrong Joplin High School
Tyler Barron Joplin High School
Bailey Brown Joplin High School
Ryan Burnside Joplin High School
Cara Clark Joplin High School
Gelmis Cole Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Lorin Curtis Joplin High School
Dustin Dixon Joplin High School
Shelly Dunn Joplin High School
LaHeather Fisher Joplin High School
Syeda Greenlee Joplin High School
Kimberly Lankford Joplin Schools
Mark LaTurner Joplin High School
Gina Lee Joplin High School
Kylee VanHorn Joplin High School

Erin Slifka, Marketing and Public Information Manager
Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce

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