Joplin Ranks #4 in Parade’s 25 Cheapest Places to Live

“The year 2020 has changed everything from small aspects of daily life like wearing a mask and frequent hand sanitizing to the ways students learn and how we (the adults!) work. With remote everything now the norm as the coronavirus global pandemic continues, renters are moving out of metropolitan areas en masse. After all, if you can work and learn remotely from anywhere, what’s stopping you from moving somewhere cheaper and more spacious? AKA — the suburbs.”

– Stephanie Osmanski, Parade

This includes Joplin, which ranks fourth on Parade’s list of 25 cheapest suburban places to live thanks to a low cost of living and availability of jobs.

With the pandemic forcing everyone to reevaluate their lifestyles and their priorities, Joplin is becoming an attractive option for remote workers and those looking to get away from larger cities.

Read the full article and see how Joplin compares to the rest of the list here.

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