City of Joplin’s New Goals Gives the Olivia Apartments a Path Forward

(Joplin, MO) The Downtown Joplin Alliance (DJA) would like to thank and congratulate the City Council of Joplin for their wise decision to pass Council Bill 2021-001, which creates a path forward for the rehabilitation of the Olivia Apartment Building. 

The proposed plan promises to restore the Olivia Apartment Building by March of 2023 and preserve it for future generations. Moving this project forward with this pubic-private partnership is in-line with four of the six goals set at the November 30 City Council Visioning session:

  • Improve community appearance
  • Address declining neighborhoods
  • Reduce crime and increase safety
  • Create and grow resilient revenue

This incentive both leverages a $6.5 investment in, as well as ensures completion of, long overdue development of a property that has become both a nuisance and liability for the City of Joplin and neighborhood.

Returning this project to tax rolls, bringing additional residents downtown, and retaining an anchor of our historic downtown are all wins for the City and the community at large.

The Downtown Joplin Alliance Endangered Properties Program Committee is proud to have worked alongside City officials and staff, as well as the new developers, Blue Haven Homes (a local subsidiary of Bykota REI), to bring this public-private partnership to fruition.

Lori Haun, Executive Director of DJA, says, “The economic benefit of bringing an additional 38 market-rate apartments to downtown and removing a blight to the neighborhood cannot be overstated. The Olivia building is important as a part of Joplin’s history, and this type of investment from both the City and private developers ensures that it can survive to play a pivotal role in the future growth of our community.”

About Downtown Joplin Alliance: 

The Downtown Joplin Alliance is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the downtown community as a thriving, safe and attractive center of art, history, enterprise, commerce, culture, residence, and entertainment. For more information, email Learn more about the Downtown Joplin Alliance at


Lori Haun, Executive Director
Downtown Joplin Alliance

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