Member Spotlight: Joplin Schools

Serving over 7,700 students from pre-kindergarten through high school, Joplin Schools is one of the leading educators in the area.

“We embrace our role as a community leader in preparing students to succeed in a variety of endeavors,” says Dr. Melinda Moss, Superintendent of Joplin Schools.

The District’s mission is driven by a desire to provide their students with a valuable and quality education. This goal is embedded in their strategic plan, which focuses on student readiness, learner support, and being effective and efficient. Moss says that the bottom line is always about the students and their needs.

“Joplin Schools is passionate about our students, staff, and community,” explains Moss. “We take pride in providing the best education we can for our students and helping make Joplin a great place to live.”

Their efforts to improve the community have created a partnership with the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Joplin. Moss adds that the three organizations are working “in tandem” to accomplish this goal and to better serve the students.

This combined effort was key in educating voters and raising awareness for a no tax increase bond issue. The bond issue was passed in June 2020, paving the way for improvements to the Kelsey Norman Elementary School and a new elementary school to be built at Dover Hill Park.

“We would like to thank the community for their support at the ballot box,” says Moss. “This allows the District to provide a safe and equitable environment for our students while remaining fiscally responsible.”

Interested in learning more about Joplin Schools? Visit their website,, or find them on Facebook, @joplinschooldistrict, and Twitter, @JoplinSchools.

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