Employers Health & Safety, LLC Launches New Product / Service in Fight Against COVID-19

(Joplin, MO)Employers Health & Safety, LLC (EHS) launches the new “Safe Air 360” Fogging Machine and service as an affordable way for businesses to properly sanitize and disinfect per CDC and OSHA guidelines.

“In our ongoing response in combating the spread of COVID-19, we as a team spent time on research and development to design an affordable product and monthly service to meet the needs of businesses fighting to keep employees and customers safe,” said Steve Bell, President / Owner of EHS.

The Safe Air 360 © Fogging Machine uses the company’s proprietary blend of OSHA and CDC approved chemicals for the fogging process. Once installed, the EHS team at the customer’s request, takes surface samples before and after the first fogging that’s then sent to an independent lab for microbiological testing. A full documented lab test report is provided to the client for their records, and it provides documentation for what their business is doing to remain safe.

In addition to this service, EHS also offers large scale sanitizing and disinfecting services on a project-by-project basis.


About Employers Health & Safety, LLC:

The company specializes in industrial hygiene and biological sampling, compliance with all government regulations as well as general and professional liability insurance requirements, in addition to creating safety plans and building a culture of safety within the facilities of their clients. The company’s motto is, “Our passion is your life.”

EHS is a leading environmental health and safety company centered and focused on its mission of injury and death prevention in the workplace, and ensuring their clients have all proper documentation for possible regulatory inspections. The company is entering its twenty-first year in business and has developed an extensive education curriculum presented in a powerful and dynamic way to ensure retention. EHS works closely with and on behalf of their clients regarding any and all OSHA-related issues.



Steve Bell, President / Owner
Employers Health & Safety, LLC

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